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CubeSat Scrum

It would be great if every project we undertook had unlimited resources and time in which to complete it. It’s never like that. So how can students gain basic project management experience that is crucial in real-world environments? The College of William and Mary prototyped an agile project management exercise built around student teams building a CubeSat mock-up—on a resource-constrained and time-limited basis. In the activity, students set roles within their group, prioritized activities, allocated resources, and met mission guidelines—all at the same time. Materials for this activity are available and can be utilized in one- or multiple-session structures to engage students in this important skill area.

Team members participate in an activity at a table

Agile Project Management CubeSat Scrum Activity

PIPELINE team members participate in the CubeSat Scrum Activity developed at William and Mary at the 2019 Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers.
Source: The College of William and Mary

Activity Description

Competitive team-based workshop

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how team-based projects can be effectively managed with agile methodology


Ideally 4 hours, at least 3 hours

Target audience

Undergraduate or graduate students

Suggested context for implementation

The following recording provides information on how to implement agile management strategies using the CubeSat Scrum.